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888poker, formerly Pacific Poker, is an international online poker cardroom and network owned by 888 Holdings. 888poker was established in 2002, and is based in Gibraltar.

An angry player shared his experience: "I have received welcome bonus and have completed all wagering requirements. After that I have won over 800£. I have requested founds to be withdrawn and get withdrawal confirmation. Next day I have received request to upload my documents for verification. I have uploaded pictures of my UK driving licence which is registered in the same name and address as my account with 888casino. Following day I have received email from they operation team saying that my account was closed due to failing security checks. They haven’t include any details or explain why these checks were unsuccessful. I have contacted their operation team but never get any reply. Their online chat is not available neither customer service number. I have read the reviews on internet and it seems to be usual way for this casinos to treat people this way. I do feel that only thing I did wrong was winning money and they try to use excuses and not pay me my winnings."


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Kyle MacLeod says

"Absolutely agree with all the negative reviews. I played this site for the last time a few years ago after being fed up with the horrible luck and bad beats I had over a few months of playing. Fast forward a few years later and one day in quarantine decided to download it again and throw 10 dollars online and grind and see what happens. Big mistake.

Now I am no professional. But I understand basic poker theory and percentages. I have played other sites but was drawn to 888 for some reason. Now.... I understand there are bad beats, terrible loose and donk'd players and dumb luck...but. 888? this is all a little fishy now that I see almost everyone has the same experience. And all very recent ( Jan 2021).

So with my $10cad online I played some super low stakes cash games and really did not so bad but nothing crazy. Very average variance. Maybe stacked up my bankroll to about 15 or 20...$25. grinding up after a while then placed a few cheap sports bets. Finally my $10 was now $67.00..so with my bankroll finally confident enough to play some $5 and some $10 sit and gos.

My luck took a noticeable dive once I started playing bigger games. But not over all. Not nickel and diming. Not good play and strategy and skilled hands by others....trash hands coming through every time on turns and rivers...heads up..when it matters... Hands like 8-J, Q-10. Hitting rivers after calling you all the way preflop with no business doing so... .yes top hands will lose and often sometimes for som..yes here are Fish.. But the absolutely uncanny timing for these events lead me to believe that all these reviews leads to something more that. I'm leaving 888. Looks like anyone who cares about cards will too"

Traimlon says

"This is without a doubt the most sorry excuse for a poker site I have ever come across. Countless instances of unbelievably bad players with crappy hands, no equity and zero range advantage pre or post flop raising every street and still making a better hand than you on the river, and I don't mean once in a while, it will happen two out of every five hands you play. This is statistically as impossible as lightening striking the same spot everyday at the same time for ten years straight. You could have pocket kings and the flop comes 8 of aces, Jack of diamonds and 7 of hearts, there is no reason on earth for a player with 2 of hearts and 3 of aces to go all in with 60 BB but they will and hit a set on the turn and river, totally rigged"

Luke L says

"Hi Tim,

Just click the link they give on every generic reply below and they will be in touch bro. PROBLEM SOLVED!!


Tim Taylor says

"One year ago I tried to withdraw $680. Over three months they gave me every excuse to say my account information was not proper. I contacted my bank three times during that time to confirm it was the same info which has been for the past 20 years. I ended up getting too frustrated and reversing the money back into my account and spending it.
Currently I built up some cash and played in the casino to win and withdraw (still pending) $1,360. I have been waiting since December 28, it is now January 16th. I have sent three different emails with only a response to the first one saying they will check into it. There was and still no response to the second or third email.

P.s. as well, I have experienced the problems mentioned in all of these comments. I really do not understand how this site is still allowed to remain active."

Ewan Smith ewan says

"scam scam scam"

Aaron Lawrence says

"888 bun you .. i dont wanna see 30 ads a day...

i dont wanna go on your dirty gambling sites now or never"

Mars says

"This site has ghost players that deliberately raise all in when you have a monster hand. Guess what? 9/10 they win with 52 or 73 or just 94...etc you get my point. These players are there to reduce your chances of winning. The site allows you a small win but after that you are crowded by these ghost players. Majority of these players have Ukraine, Romania or Russian Federation tags in that order of frequency.
Barring the Gaming Commission investigating this, which they won't as they are paid to look the other way, there is no other way other than common sense to prove this.
I now only play the free tables as a pass time and reserve my hard earned cash for real life poker. At least there you can clearly catch out such game rigging.
Another point is this site has now gagged the players from typing actual messages. This is designed to stop you calling out their ghost players and warning others of this.
I have studied this site over the past 7 years and if you know me you would agree that I'm far from institutional.

Keep your wallet zipped when visiting this site as you may as well burn it's contents otherwise!

Wait for the generic, sorry you've had a bad experience and please contact us on customer support so we can help you.....NOT!"

Rddd says

"The thing with 888 is that there are a lot of super bad players, but exactly against these players you will loose almost all the time with premium hands before flop or after, its just ridiculous these spots when youre deep in a tournament and they call 40bb plus with hands like k 7 off etc and always gets there"

Mr russell says

"Won a ticket to enter a free roll but when I tried to register it wont let me"

Hussy says

"I have been playing poker for over 10 years now and I have never seen such a rigged platform. I wish I had read the reviews before wasting my time and money there. Just one classic rigged case I would love to mention here:
You will fold a couple of times on bad cards so the algorithm checks that the player is not fooling around. Next deal you get a high pair in hand and you raise, suddenly everyone folds except the one staffer who was folding before but decided to play on a 2-6 hand. You still hold the high pair and the guy decides to raise on every card that flips on the table. Finally, he gets a straight by the end of the game and you are the loser who had went all-in. And, this hasn't only happened just once but quite often.
Point to note: I am sure their tournaments are somewhat less rigged where you still might get a chance on earning $2 at the end of 4 hrs of game. Riddiculous
By the way, they sent me an e-mail to deposit and I shall get an equal amount added by them, as I did suddenly am not eligible.
Wouldnt it be better if these morons will charge a $1 instead from the deposit as their service fee and keep the game fair. Maybe more people will play and the platform can grow rather than going for a scammish shot.

Utter nonsense, stay away from this platform as far as you can"

Trent Reid says

"This site is so rigged never lost so many hands that have a 90%+ equity in a row. Out of 8 AA all in preflop iv only won 1."

steven ward says

"Scroll down and see 888's answers to these ratings and you will see how much thought goes into convincing you that they are a professional site! You get a pre-written answer to everything there, most that dont even address the question you asked! But now you dont get ANY response at all, their customer service has totally disappeared off the face of the earth.
I agree with messages on here on how on earth their bonus system even fits in with 'responsible gaming'... you play poker there and they say 'hey heres $5 free to use in the casino, where you may have not even played the games before.... and by the way you will have to gamble $500 of you own cash to release any of the money you win with it, which is a max of $5'
Hmmm very responsible!
Cue the pre-written 888 response about contacting their help, which will remain unanswered 100%!
Oh and by the way... try playing heads up omaha sng there... when your opponent has little chips left and there is an all in preflop... they win 100% of the time with 3 of a kind or better, guaranteed! There is no variance to this standard result, i have recorded the last 480 via screenshots... not just losing every one, all to 3 of a kind or better!
But the pre-written answer is its audited so...... maths must be wrong, 888 right.....

Haha, i have just seen 888's response below, just to back up to what i said would happen....."

irina davies says

"Had a best possible hand ace flush but 888 site desided that a winner is a person with 3 of a kind.
Closed my account today.
Worst site."

Warren Smith says

"Came back after a long time away and decided to play some freerolls and build up for fun. This is after I have deposited a fair bit of money with them.

Turns out they have made their freerolls pointless. Now you win "bonus balance" which cannot be used until you have used your cash balance. If you win with the bonus balance, it will go to bonus balance. It will only ever become cash balance after you wager enough. It also expires after 60days. So unless you play a lot and manage to turn it into cash balance which is not easy then you might as well be using "play money".

Essentially all this means is that there are no no freerolls or rewards because you either have to have 0 cash balance and then play for hours and hours to grind it into cash... OR you deposit money and then cannot use your bonus money until you spend the cash money. Totally pointless......

Very dissastisfied and i gonna look elsewhere."

Milton Moturi says

"It is nigh all impossible to win a hand even with aces under the gun. Some 888 staffer will call with 27o and hit two pair on the river. This is an atrocious and abysmal representation of the game of poker. Save your bucks and go play live in the town hall. Detestable and despicable delinquents!"

Chris says

"Majority of reviews are 1 star for a reason .I use to work for this company and I can confirm we were told to sign a non disclosure form before our contracts started with the company . The RNG is manipulated by software that's designed to detect players who will deposit more than most .These players will flag up on the 888 systems and will be dealt hands set to make them fail so they will have no choice but to deposit again and again and again .variants bad beats don't believe any of it we were told not to discuss any thing that went on behind the scenes for a reason ."

Alex says

"I would give zero stars if I could. Play it for a couple of months and you will see why it has such a terrible ratings. We all can't be wrong right? Personally I'd advise everyone considering playing it not to."

hunny bunny says

"I have to laugh at all the "polite" replies on here as if they ever get back when you have complaints. I have had my screen freeze up repeatedly when I was in the lead (first or second place) and have never received a reply or explanation no matter how many times I contact them. The screen freezes, but I can still type in messages and get replies from other players, but am powerless to do anything but watch my chips dwindle away, I send them screen shots with the same frozen screen with comments and replies alongside the list of players changing over time while the actual game table stays frozen and my chips progressively get lower and they do nothing, don't reply, don't offer any explanation. I have also had numerous incidents where winnings were not deposited and again no reply or explanation,
I go play elsewhere, no problem, come back to see if they have fixed things and eventually it happens again. No reply, no explanation, no winnings.
I need to look into where to complain about them.
Don't believe the above "polite" replies, they are for show and they don't actually deal with real issues at all."

Christopher Steele says

"First of all, why does the deposit offer have to give crappy £1 tournament tokens? Oh, because no one wants to waste their time playing 3 hours in a £1 tournament?

I deposited today, sat on a table with absolute 'fish', that played crazy loose poker with hands like K,5.

Simple tactic, wait for a hand and catch them. Yeah, easier said than done. From 17:30 to now (01:33) and not had a single premium hand, and any decent hands I had didn't connect.

Impossible to bluff these fish. Not played poker for years, pretty sure I didn't get 8 hour sessions where I didn't get a single premium though.

Play here if you want to waste your time. I'm withdrawing and never playing again."

karli vask says

"Just incredibly site. I Deposit some amount of money with a bonus code where I got free spin bonus of 20% of the Deposit. I played with the bonus (by the way u can use the bouns only selected games not all slot games) won from the bouns spins about 4 times the amount what was the bouns spins amount but it was added to my balance only the amount what was bouns it self. Contacted costumer support by explaining what happened and got an answer that if you win more than the bouns amount you will still receive same amount what the bouns was. What next I deposit and surten amount of money and manage to lets say double it and want to withdraw it and the give me only the amount what I originally deposit it? Is it like this?"

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